We are polymer and chemical trade information specialists helping the world’s leading companies leverage global trade insights to improve their businesses.

Improve your business with our trade insights

More accurate market analysis

Directly measure the import component of demand in any market, region, and globally

Clearer competitor assessments

See trends in exports from any country and compare your position

Better informed strategic planning

Evaluate import growth trends in all markets, to expand sales or add capacity

Quantifiable trade flows for impact analysis

Assess the impact of global economic and social events and government policy decisions from directly measurable global trade flows

Grounded objective benchmarking

Compare buyer or seller feedback to prices and volumes from official national statistics

Why work with ITP?


We are specialists in global trade in polymers and chemical products, not generalists following thousands of codes in the Harmonized System.


Our near 40-years of experience with the idiosyncrasies of global trade and rigorous error-review systems avoid common pitfalls to reveal more accurate trade flows.


Directly reported imports and exports from 100 countries and a unique methodology capture nearly all the world’s trade and reveal trade for all non-reporters.


Our tools empower you to understand trade trends for every country, region, and the globe, bridging the gap between hard-to-use raw statistics and pricey consultants’ interpretations.


Full visibility into monthly volume, price, and partners for every reporter, including long-term historical trends and future projections.


Our dedicated, agile team is uniquely positioned to work with you and deliver tailored solutions that meet your organization’s precise requirements.


Unparalleled customer service – we are here to help you understand and leverage global trade information.

Our clients

Our clients include many of the top-ranked chemical companies in the world by size and sales.
We serve producers, manufacturers, shipping companies, and related industry players, working closely with their business development, marketing, and strategic planning departments.
Many of our clients have been with us for decades. We are honored by the trust they place in us and continue to strive to provide the best possible service to fill their business needs.

Our Story


An accurate understanding of trade flows became critically important for strategic planning across the industry following the burgeoning growth of the petrochemical industry in the 1970s, with new facilities coming on stream in the Middle East and across the globe, and the volume of exports by producing countries to markets abroad exploding. International Trader Publications was founded in 1984 to provide that understanding.


Then, as now, ITP analyzes trade by applying a solid understanding of chemistry and of the Harmonized System to an expanding database with statistics for every available country. We remain deeply focused on providing the highest level of service to our valued subscribers.

Our medium-term focus is three-fold: on innovation around our core offerings, on creating visualizations to make our data more accessible, more useful, and more powerful, and on the education of our subscribers to help them make the most of these tools.


Ours is a small, dedicated team with diverse backgrounds in business, chemistry, software engineering, and data analysis. In our previous jobs, we have worked for Fortune 500 companies in chemicals, technology, market research, and banking.

Despite our nearly 40-year history, our culture is very much that of a startup – lean, adaptive, open, and relationship-focused.

Our combined experience and unique culture make ours a great team – one that is ready to support yours.